Ecotravel Cottages Bukit Lawang

Ecotravel Cottages Bukit Lawang

Ecotravel Cottages Bukit Lawang – EcoTravel Cottages is situated with its frontage right on the Bohorok River, just a few minutes from the entrance to the Gunung Leuser National Park and therefor the Orange Utang feeding centre. We are an intimate boutique hotel and offer the highest standard of service and accomodation in the area.

There are five rooms in total. Three double rooms and two double floor suites, for honeymooners or families, up to six people. Inside the room we also offer a fridge, a safe and western bathrooms with hot showers…Lovely after a long trek in the rainforest. There is daily cleaning of the rooms, 24 hour reception, free wifi and a tour office.

Bukit Lawang is a small village situated 90 kilometers northwest of Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Next, Bukit Lawang is a small tourist village on the bank of Bahorok River in North Sumatra province of Indonesia.Equally important, Bukit Lawang is most famous for being a site to easily spot semi-wild orangutans near convenient tourism facilities.

Ecotravel Cottages Bukit Lawang

Made mostly from natural stone and local wood the design draws strongly on traditional Batak Karo architecture combined with Alpine elements. It is the result of an inspiring creative process running between Kembar and Christina for more than two years. And the result is very well worth the effort. The Indonesians would say: „Luxury made by an architect“. The Germans would say: „Made by creative enthusiasts”. As our hotel was built completely by local craftsmen please don’t expect a western technical standard. The choice of building material had to be limited to the supply offered by the jungle.

Jungle View Room

Our two downstairs rooms offer 45 square meters of living space for 2 persons but also for single travellers who prefer that little extra comfort. Each room has a big patio with hammock and great views over our green garden, the jungle and Bohorok River. The bedroom has a comfortable queen size double bed (2×2 meters).

Jungle View Suite

Our two double floor panoramic suites offer fantastic views of the jungle and the Bohorok River from the big balcony. The downstairs bedroom has a comfortable queen size double bed (2×2 meters). The maisonette upstairs room offers an extra double bed to be used by 2 more persons. Our suites are perfect for honeymooners, families or just for everyone looking for some extra standard.

Batak Room

For EcoTravel guests travelling on a smaller budget we can offer one smaller standard room. Around 25 square metres of living space set on top of our office with a private bathroom and a balcony offering side views to the jungle and to the Bukit Lawang walking way. Our Batak Room is perfect for single travellers or young couples who don’t need much space or a higher standard.

Ecotravel Cottages Bukit Lawang

Most of the food we offer is sourced locally. We follow ecological guidelines by managing different types of waste and avoiding plastic. Drinking water is available for free to all our guests during their stay.

Apart from that our employees work on a steady basis with reliable working times and regular days off – a social concept which is not yet very common in this area. All our staff are from nearby villages, even if that means their English is not very good.

We have introduced a rotating system of guiding and supervising, with guides switching posts with our cottage managers on a weekly basis. The result is a kind of pension scheme giving our guides a regular job even if they get older and lack the fitness for regular guiding.

And what is the most important effect of all these efforts? Our 10-strong team is able to pamper a maximum of 14 guests in 5 rooms – you shouldn’t ask for less!

Bukit Lawang Tour Package

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