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FAQ – What Is Lake Toba Travel

LAKE TOBA TRAVEL is a north sumatera based full service travel agency with more than 10 years travel industry experiences and serving all over indonesia tour packages,especially Lake Toba Tour Package,North Sumatra.

We are known as travel agency medan and lake toba specialist tour who provide you with a unique and exciting experience of the land of North Sumatra,the best lake toba tour, its peoples, its cultures, and its great natural beauty! We are commited to serving individual tourists as well as groups of any size, offering qualified and knowledgeable local guides to lead you on your North Sumatran journey, all of whom have a good grasp of the English language and insight into local cultures.

FAQ – What are the Destinations on Lake Toba

Here are some destinations in Lake Toba like the following:

  1. Parapat because of the best view
  2. Lake Toba because of a beautiful lake
  3. Samosir Island
  4. Tomok for souvenir shopping
  5. The Tomb of King Sidabutar
  6. Huta Siallagan Ambarita
  7. Presentation of manotor from Batak Toba culture
  8. Gundaling
  9. Taman Simalem Resort
  10. Berastagi
  11. Lumbini Park or Pagoda
  12. Velangkanni
  13. Crocodile Breeding
  14. Medan Maimun
  15. Great Mosque or Mesjid Raya
  16. Vihara

From some of these destinations, they are unique and historically different. Traveler local and outside of Indonesia are prefer to travelling in North Sumatra with the Toba Tour Package.

What are the Packages at Lake Toba Travel

We can organize a Sumatra adventure tour for you with jungle trekking, orangutans spotting and walking with elephants, medan city tour and Sumatra overland tour. Besides Sumatra, we do organize tailor-made programs over Java, Sulawesi, Bali, Flores, and Komodo. We offer tours all over Java, to the famous temples like the Borobudur, to Jogyakarta, Java’s cultural center, to mount Bromo and all places of interest of this fascinating island.

Besides medan lake toba tour described above we introduce you to the places of historical interest, architecture and culture of the country. For those people with personal memories of Indonesia and for everybody who is curious about what still can be found of Indonesia’s history.

Lake Toba Travel Package as follows:

  1. 1 day 1 night
  2. 2 days 1 night
  3. 3 days 2 nights
  4. 4 days 3 nights
  5. 5 days 4 nights
  6. 6 days 5 nights

If personal and private tour guests will use ordinary car like Avanza with passenger seats 4-6 pax.

How to Book a Tour Package at Lake Toba Travel

How to book tour packages and car rental services on Lake Toba Travel is very easy. On the website page it is connected to our official WhatsApp number. You can place an order via WhatsApp or email. We will reply you as soon as possible. This order is also official and can be trusted as customers who have used our services.

Payment Method

The payment method will be provided by the company account number by our team. You need to note that there are no account numbers and account names other than PT. Enjoy Holiday Medan. By using Mandiri Bank. Make a payment in the name of the account owner. If you are outside the country of Indonesia, you can also use switf code. Or if you use PayPal payment you can contact us.

Payment if booking as a deposit can be made at 50% of the total bill. And will be paid back when it arrives at destination on the day of arrival.

What Activities on the Lake Toba Tour Package

Various kinds of activities that can be done in several areas during a visit to Lake Toba. Like cycling, swimming, walking, taking pictures, doing religious events and studying the history of culture. In addition, there is a shopping session that will be directed by our best guide to you.

How About Testimonials

Yes, there are many testimonials from our customer that have used our services. And all have felt satisfied with the services and facilities we provide. We are Lake Toba Travel specialists who explain the historical details and excellence of natural tourist destinations.

For the further information, please contact us in the page of Contact Us will be happy to assist you.

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