Lake Toba Tour Package, Travel to Lake Toba Medan

Lake Toba Tour Package

Lake Toba Tour Package is a tour package to Lake Toba in North Sumatra Indonesia.  The best, cheapest and professional Lake Toba tour package offered by Lake Toba Travel. Enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba and visit the tomb of King Sidabutar and souvenir shopping place. There are several packages suitable for groups, private and personal packages.

Lake Toba Tour Package

Lake Toba Tour Package is a tour package to Lake Toba in North Sumatra Indonesia. One of the best packages consisting of 5 main packages for groups, personal and private packages. Such the Lake Toba tour package  for 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights, 5 days 4 nights and 6 days 5 nights. The package is also adjusted to the needs of guests who wants requested. Includes professional transportation, food, hotels, drivers and guides. Lake Toba Tour Packages that can explore unique and interesting places on Samosir Island.

Lake Toba Tour package is professional  and handled by the Lake Toba Travel team starting at the beginning of the tour until it ends. Pick up service from Kualanamu International Airport and warm welcome along with ulos as a sign of honor. The tour is equipped with transportation that has air conditioning, friendly drivers to the comfort and safety of tour participants. A Professional guides who master tourist sites along with information that guides tour participants. Various activities that can be done on Lake Toba and Samosir Island such as cycling, swimming and enjoying the beauty of nature.

The Destination on The Lake Toba Tour Package

  1. Berastagi
  2. Parapat
  3. Pulau Samosir
  4. Makam Raja Sidabutar
  5. Huta Allangan Ambarita
  6. Taman Simalem
  7. Pasar Buah Berastagi
  8. Taman Lumbini atau Pagoda
  9. Mesjid Raya
  10. Istana Maimun
  11. Penangkaran Buaya
  12. Velangkanni Graha Bunda Maria

Activities on Lake Toba Tour Package

First Day: Kualanamu International Airport

On the first day you will be picked up from Kualanamu International Airport. Will be warmly welcomed by our team and give you ulos. Ulos is a scarf from the typical Batak culture as a symbol of honor and along with Meranti cake. Take picture at the time as a sign that you are already enjoying our services.

In the afternoon the trip will continue and the group will be taken to the restaurant first. You need to note that some groups only enjoy halal food and some groups can enjoy non-halal food. Both food variants are available. Tell our team. After the meal will continue to Parapat and in the middle of the trip will be enjoyed a view of oil palm plantations in North Sumatra. When you arrive at Parapat and immediately check in at Atsari Hotel Parapat.  Enjoy view Parapat and swim, bike can you do.

Second Day: Pulau Samosir

Breakfast before leaving for Samosir Island. On Samosir Island there are several unique and interesting destinations. To cross to Samosir Island will use a boat or ferry. Visiting the Tomb of King Sidabutar, this place contains a history of King Sidabutar and its unique place. After that go to Huta Allangan Ambarita. In this place you will enjoy the manortor dance from the Batak Toba culture. Batak culture is very unique and its the largest population in Indonesia.

Take lunch at a local restaurant. As always, halal food and non-halal food are available. You may inform the guide about this. After that, enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba by circling around the Samosir Island. In the afternoon, immediately check in at Toba Cottage. Enjoy the view of Lake Toba and swim, bike can you do.

Third Day: Berastagi

Breakfast first before continuing the trip to Berastagi. In Berastagi there are 3 places that can be visited, namely Gundaling, Pagoda or Lumbini Park and Berastagi Fruit Market. In Berastagi the temperature is quite cold and the surrounding environment is cool. This trip can enjoy the atmosphere around it. Arriving at Berastagi, Gundaling will be visited. In Gundaling there is the best hill view. From this place it’s also cool and many tourists use photo time.

After that, proceed to lunch at a local restaurant and go directly to Lumbini Park. In Lumbini Park or Pagoda is a place of Buddhist worship. Beautiful building and gardens around it. This building is very large and the ornaments used are all in gold. Foreign tourists spend more time looking into this temple and taking cool photos. Next in the afternoon, go directly to Hill Park to check in and here are also a lot of cool game venues.

Fith Day: Medan City

Breakfast before leaving for the city of Medan. On the tour in Medan City, the group will be taken to a historic place and church place. In Medan City there are many better tourist attractions and places to eat. In addition, there are also five-star hotels and many available places to relax. The trip goes directly to Velangkanni. In the Velangkanni or Graha Bunda Maria is a church built in the city of Medan from the German architect. This church is Indian and Indonesian culture. The place is one of the places of prayer for Christians who are visited by many foreign tourists.

In the  afternoon to take lunch at a local restaurant, many choices restaurants in Medan. After lunch go directly to Maimun Palace. At Maimun Palace, you will see the Sultan’s kingdom in the form of traditional houses and ornaments or traditional Malay clothing. This place is open every day with IDR 10,000 / pax entrance ticket. Many tourists take the time to take cool photos and surround this traditional house. Our team will explain the history of Maimun Palace to the formation of Medan City. After that, go directly to the Grand Mosque. Large mosque in the city of Medan. After that, immediately check in to Swiss Bellin Medan.

At night you can enjoy delicious local food and drinks at Merdeka Walk. And Ucok durian can also be recommended.

Sixth Day: Medan – Kualanamu

Breakfast at the hotel and immediately tidy up and leave immediately. The Medan Kualanamu trip takes between 30 minutes – 40 minutes. Buy food or cakes at Kualanamu International Airport. Like Bolu Meranti, Napoleon and others. The tour is over and thank you very much for using Lake Toba Travel services in Medan. Have a nice flight!

List of Price of Lake Toba Tour Packages

  1. 1 pax (3 days 2 nights) –> IDR4,000,000
  2. 1 pax (1 day 1 night) –> Price IDR3,100,000
  3. 1 pax (2 days 1 night) –> Price IDR2,950,000
  4.  2 pax (5 days 4 nights) –> Price IDR3,500,000

Information on the Medan Lake Toba Tour Package

  1. Includes air-conditioned transportation
  2. Giving ulos in response to free pick-up
  3. Cake Meranti at the pick-up address
  4. A professional and friendly guide and driver
  5. Eat during the visit in the duration of the selected package. Halal and non-halal local restaurants are available
  6. Ticket fees to enter tourist destinations
  7. Pick up and deliver to Medan Kualanamu Airport

Fees Not Included

  1. Tips for guides and drivers
  2. Personal shopping
  3. Added duration of tourist visits

How to book Lake Toba Tour Package Medan

  1. Please contact Lake Toba Travel or visit WhatsApp messenger
  2. Confirm order data and arrival schedule
  3. Make a payment in the company account
  4. Accept confirmation of your order
  5. Congratulations on waiting for your arrival in the city of Medan

Operational Hours

  1. Monday: 1am – 24pm
  2. Tuesday: 1am – 24pm
  3. Wednesday: 1am – 24pm
  4. Thursday: 1am – 24pm
  5. Friday: 1am – 24pm
  6. Saturday: 1am – 24pm
  7. Sunday: 1am – 24pm

Contact Us:

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  • Telp / HP/ WhatsApp: 0852-7012-6984
  • Email: or visit Contact Us page
Medan City Tour at Lake Toba Tour Package
Medan City Tour at Lake Toba Tour Package
Lake Toba Tour Package North Sumatra Indonesia
Lake Toba Tour Package North Sumatra Indonesia

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