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Medan Tour Package

Medan Tour Package is good tour package offers Lake Toba Travel in Medan.

There are more than seven places to visit such Medan Maimun, Tjong Afie. Masjid Raya, Velangkanni, Kampung Madras.

A tour package with best service start from pick up at from airport, a professional guide.

Medan Tour Package

Medan Tour Package is good tour package offers Lake Toba Travel in Medan.

The Medan city is one of the large city in Indonesia and has a lot awesome destination.

Many tourists from Asia and the West visit this place and enjoy tourism in the city of Medan.

visiting historical and worship place during the package. See the unique buildings in Maimun Palace, and historical relics in Tjong Afie.

Information is also available and see the unique building in Graha Bunda Maria. This tour is enjoyable can be 1 pax, 2 pax and more than.

This package is provided a good transportation.

A good guide and driver will assist you in the places. This trip is very fun and our team will explain the details of important information to you.

Regarding the historical places. Many important information and unique building designs obtained during this trip.

The price of the Medan Tour Package is also cheap, according to the needs of the group.

Transportation, guide and driver services are include. Including pick up and transfer to Kualanamu International Airport.

Medan City Tourist Destinations

  1. Velangkanni
  2. Penangkaran Buaya
  3. Tjong Afie
  4. Merdeka Walk
  5. Vihara Maitreya
  6. Kampung Madras
  7. Masjid Raya

This package for 2 days 1 night. This package for foreign and local tours while on vacation in the city of Medan.

The following are some of the activities and places to visit during this tour package.

First Day: Kualanamu International Airport

Our team will pick you or your group from Kualanamu Airport.

During pickup as usual Lake Toba Travel’s team will give you ulos.

Ulos is a scarf from a typical Batak culture as a sign of respect to guests. And given Meranti sponge cake and taking photos together.

From Kualanamu International Airport to Medan between 30 – 40 minutes. Go directly to the main destinations in Velangkanni.

Once on the velangkanni, immediately proceed to Crocodile Breeding.

Around 1-2 hours enjoy and take photos and continue back towards the city of Medan. Lunch in Medan city, there are halal and non-halal restaurants available. You can tell our team about this. After lunch, proceed to Maytrane Temple, Tjong Afie, which can take between 1-2 hours.

Continue this trip to Maimun Palace. At Maimun Palace you can enjoy this historical view and building along with taking photos together. About 1-2 hours visiting Maimun Palace and directly to the Masjid Raya. At the Masjid Raya, you can pray for those of you who are Muslim. The mosque is a place of worship for Muslims which includes historic. And large scale buildings in the city of Medan. Direct headed to the hotel and checked in.

Second Day: Medan Tour

At evening in hotel, you can visit Merdeka Walk. This place is one of the best places to eat in the city of Medan. Many local, western food menus are available at this place. There are halal food available here you can get it. And, you can also enjoy durian from Ucok Durian in the city of Medan.

Breakfast and will continue the trip to tourist destinations. After that, taken to a shopping place by the city of Medan. Buy souvenir and cake. Buy meranti cake, Medan Napoleon and others. After shopping go straight to Kualanamu International Airport. The tour ends and see you again.

Price of Medan Tour Packages

  1. 1 pax -> Price IDR 650,000 (2 nights 1 day)

Medan Tour Information:

  1. Includes air-conditioned transportation
  2. Giving ulos and cake Meranti in response to free pick-up
  3. A professional and friendly guide
  4. Eat for 2 days and 1 night. Halal and non-halal local restaurants are available
  5. Ticket fees to enter tourist destinations
  6. Pick up and deliver to Kualanamu International Airport

About Destination Description:


Velangkanni and also called the Graha Bunda Maria is on Jl Sakura Tanjung Selamat Medan City. A church a place of worship for Catholic Christians in the city of Medan. This building built in 2005 in the style of the Indo-Mogul Style. It dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health. From the style of this building that makes more amazement consisting of 10 floors.

Maimun Palace

The Maimun Palace built in the late 1800s. This building has a history during the time of the King of the Sultan. And in the development of Medan. A large building containing work clothes, a king’s place and important information. Maimun Palace is one of the oldest and icon of Medan. Most visitors from foreign tourism and local in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. In addition, this place is also widely use as a place to take photos together. Providing traditional clothes for rental between IDR25,000 / costume. Open every day and enter IDR15,000 / pax.

Crocodile Breeding

The distribution of Asam Kumbang Crocodile is on Jalan Bunga Raya II Kota Medan. This place is very wide about 2 hectares. Which contains hundreds to thousands of crocodiles that maintained. Various sizes and types of age in this place. Like the oldest crocodile of about 45 years with a very large body. At this destination, tourism makes use of seeing directly the types of crocodiles in this park. And usually guests can take pictures with crocodiles.

Tjong Afie Mansion

Tjong Afie Mansion is located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Medan, North Sumatra. A historic heritage house from an ethnic Chinese in Medan named Tjong A Fie. Inside the house contains a gallery and guide tours that can be seen. Various interesting galleries to enjoy.

Masjid Raya Al-Mashun

A mosque for worship for the largest Muslim community in the city of Medan. Located on Jalan SM Raja Medan in downtown Medan. This mosque has an octagonal building or style facing Yuki Simpang Raya. However, every year during Eid al-Fitr the Al-Mashun Mosque use for worship. And, on Lebaran day too, in this area the left use as a place to sell on the street called Ramadan Fair. The views of this mosque are breathtaking from various architecture styles.

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Medan Tour Package North Sumatra
Medan Tour Package North Sumatra

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