Pearl Of Lake Toba,Taman Simalem Resort

Pearl Of Lake Toba

Pearl Of Lake Toba – Taman Simalem Resort Situated in the clouds on a sprawling 206-hectare estate, Taman Simalem is a retreat for the senses. At 1,200 metres above sea level, the cool, crisp air immediately sets you at ease and the stunning view of Lake Toba will take your breath away.

Taman Simalem ResortThis mountain resort was built to create a new and unique way to live holistically, with its organic farms and fruit orchards, tea and coffee plantations, and various accommodations that allow a commune with nature. Specially for families, school groups, friends and couples, the resort provides programmes and activities that allows you to get close to nature without feeling the pressures of everyday life. Feel recharged, revitalised and renewed.

In 2001, PT Merek Indah Lestari, together with a Singapore investment company discovered a plot of unutilised grassland and embarked on a journey to create Taman Simalem Resort, and put Lake Toba back on the tourism map of the world. The main idea behind the resort is to provide nature-based attractions that offer visitors the chance to experience first-hand agricultural and horticultural activities that have traditionally been the backbone of Indonesia’s economy.

Pearl Of Lake Toba

Pearl Of Lake Toba – Witness the break of dawn and how the sun gently wakes up Lake Toba from sleep. Marvel at the beauty of the gentle rays of sun slowly enveloping the lake and its surroundings.

Tongging Hotel or Lodge guests may also catch the spectacular view from the balcony deck of the lower floors. Waterfall Lodge guests may catch sunrise from Amphitheatre.

A rustic experience for those who have not tried “kampong” fishing. Armed with a bamboo fishing pole and baits, try to catch as many fishes playing hide and seek in our ponds

How about having a picnic by a riverside gazebo. Relax with the soothing sound of the river flow surrounded by lush greenery

Pearl Of Lake Toba

Embark on your tour of Samosir Island – the largest island within island in the world. Pass by small farms and local markets before starting on a scenic winding road to the jetty. A 30-minute ferry transfer will take you to the shore of the island. Visit the Batak Museum and enjoy the traditional Batak cultural performance. After lunch, visit the ancient Batak Tribal Village where the guide will explain and point out the unique practices of the culture. After some souvenir shopping, it’s time to return to the resort.

A scenic winding journey to the local fishing community of Tongging Village by the shore of Lake Toba. Learn about how the villagers live day to day with their traditional fishing farms. After lunch, drive up to admire the Sipiso-Piso waterfalls. Try the 300m trek down the steps to the foot of this magnificent waterfall but remember you will have to trek up to return to your comfortable stay at Taman Simalem resort

What a better way to complete your stay than to get a good soothing rub down.45 or 60 Minutes, depending on type of massage with optional extension of 30 or 60 minutes.

Please arrive 20 minute earlier than your appointment time so you may be shown to your massage room to prepare earlier;
Private in-room service only available for in-house guests.

A guided tour of our organic fruit and vegetable farms. Learn more about the history & unique ways of farming in Simalem due to its land contour and weather conditions. You will also be visiting our organic coffee/ tea processing facility. The tour will be capped with a chance to sample our organic tea and coffee

Our nursery expert will show you the basics of growing an ornamental plant in pots. This activity includes hands-on demonstration

Try your hands to come up with your own beauty creation. Make a bouquet of lovely flowers for your loved one or fix yourself a mini table arrangement with bamboo vase. Or recycle a plastic bottle to create your own hanging pot.

A tree seedling will be provided to be planted in a designated planting hole;
Proper trek shoes are recommended;
Bring along a backpack to keep your cap and raincoat/windbreaker;Apply insect repellant.

You are on top of a mountain, with cool fresh air all around. You have spent a day connecting with nature and beautiful surrounding. Why not a round of soothing massage to make it a perfect getaway for yourself?

It depends on what you wish to get out of the massage session. If you have tired feet/ legs from walking too much, you can go for traditional Indonesian full body or foot massage. However, if you have sore body, wants to relax and have better sleep at night, Ayurvedic massage is your best choice. Ayurvedic massage at Simalem is available only for female guests.

Appreciate the surrounding flora and fauna of a tropical rainforest within the resort. Be rewarded with the beautiful sight of twin waterfalls. Refresh and catch your breath before heading back.


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