Tag: 4D3N Jungle Trekking Gunung Leuser National Park

4D3N Jungle Trekking Mount Leuser National Park

4D3N Jungle Trekking Mount Leuser National Park

4D3N Jungle Trekking Mount Leuser National ParkThe Sumatran Orangutan is critically endangered, and there are less than 15,000 left in the wild. This is because their habitats are being destroyed on a large scale to make way for palm oil plantations. The total number of Sumatran Orangutans has decreased by 80% in the last 75 years, and sadly it’s expected to keep shrinking, with extinction on the horizon unless major changes are made in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Orangutans are a protected species in Indonesia, but government enforcement is weak even when the animals are killed illegally. Palm oil farming has taken priority because it brings more value to the economy. Indonesia is still a relatively poor country, and that’s especially true in Sumatra where tourism isn’t a big player yet, so money speaks. And unfortunately that continues to motivate palm oil farming, illegal logging, the illegal wildlife trade, etc. Hopefully the tourist money flowing into places like Bukit Lawang will help incentivize the proper protection of these animals so we can keep enjoying them in the future.

4D3N Jungle Trekking Mount Leuser National Park


arrive at kuala namu international airport welcome by enjoy holiday medan. hereafter start drive passing by landscape with vast view of oil palm and rubber plantation to bukit lawang, the orang utan rehabilitation centre located in gunung leuser park. this is one of the largest national parks in the world containing over 800,000 ha of virgin rainforest. 3 overnight stays in bukit lawang.


after breakfast, today start for a 3 hours to explore the park. this involves a hour walk through the jungle to reach the feeding grounds of the orang utan. steep, slopes and dense vegetation will bring you the excitement of the rainforest. in this tropical primary rain forest, you can see the varieties of birds, butterflies, siamang (long arm apes), different kinds of reptiles the rest is your own program, you can swim or take a beautiful walk to the local village nearby.


after breakfast, drive by mini bus to marike as starting point where your white water rafting adventure starts for 6 hours. on the way you’ll experience the wonderful countryside, farmers with their various plants and commodity they grow for their income. you stop at a point to pump up our boats as instructors explain how to raft well with maximum good fun. minimum age is ca. 10 years. while rafting then you will stop at hot springs along the way for swimming and relaxing. after a local lunch picnic at a waterfall you continue rafting down the wampu river until the bridge of the bohorok river. your journey ends in bohorok from where you will be picked up and taken back to your accommodation in bukit lawang.


after breakfast, free at your own program. then you drive back to medan for catch your flight to next destination.  Horas & mauliate.

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