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13D12N Sumatra Overland Tour

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13D12N Sumatra Overland Tour

13D12N Sumatra Overland Tour – Sumatra, the largest island wholly in Indonesia, embraces wildness to the point that the region is steeped in myths and legends. Jungles here teem with orangutans, tigers, rhinos, and elephants, while smoldering volcanoes create an otherworldly environment. In the towns, cultural landmarks of religious and historical importance sit alongside new feats of impressive engineering, entertainment attractions, and tourist-focused shopping districts

Sumatra (also Sumatera) is one of Indonesia’s large island and the sixth largest island in the world. Wild and rugged, Sumatra is a blend of Mother Nature extremes, blessed with natural wealth as well as proneness to natural disasters. Volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and landslides are common headline grabbers for this one of the world’s richest ecosystems. But nobody can deny Sumatra’s beauty from the top of majestic volcanoes to the lush of the jungles and down at sea level, where idyllic deserted beaches are scattered along the island.

13D12N Sumatra Overland Tour

Visiting Sumatra can mean never ending action. It has both unique and adventurous activities, starting from the Orangutan sanctuary in Bukit Lawang], some world-class diving sites in Pulau Weh and surfing in the wild Mentawai islands,. You can also enjoy spicy Padang cuisines, relax on the shore of Lake Toba, bag the top of Mount Kerinci of Jambi, stop by the granite beaches of Belitung, and see dolphins at Kiluan, Lampung. The land is also filled with a humungous variety of unique as well as common rainforest fauna. You can spot not only red-haired orangutans, but also all sorts of monkeys that swing on treetops, in addition to Sumatran tigers, rhinoceroses, and elephants.

With almost 40 million inhabitants on this island, the varieties of cultures in Sumatra will also give you non-stop thrills. From the devout Muslims of Aceh, outspoken and friendly Batak people, matrilineal Minangkabau of Padang, sizable Chinese communities of Bangka-Belitung, to semi-primitive tribesmen of Nias; all of them, with their own distinct cultures and languages, living on one island, united by mutual respect for centuries. (source : wikitravel.org)

13D12N Sumatra Overland Tour Itenerary

  • Day 1 : Kualanamu Airport – Hotel
  • Day 2 : Medan – Bukit Lawang
  • Day 3 : Orang Utan Tour
  • Day 4 : Bukit Lawang – Berastagi
  • Day 5 : Berastagi – Lake Toba – Samosir Island
  • Day 6 : Samosir Tour
  • Day 7 : Samosir – Sipirok
  • Day 8 : Sipirok – Bukittinggi
  • Day 9 : Bukittinggi – Minangkabau
  • Day 10 : Maninjau Tour
  • Day 11 : Maninjau Tour
  • Day 12 : Maninjau – Padang
  • Day 13 : Hotel – Airport

Day 1 : Kualanamu Airport – Hotel

arrived in kualanamu international airport,welcome by lake toba travel and then transfer to hotel,free at own leisure.

Day 2 : Medan Bukit Lawang

after breakfast, city tour by visiting great mosque, sultan palace and crocodile farm, drive to bahorok, on the way stop at palm oil and rubber plantation with country side landscape. upon arrival at bukit lawang, transfer to bukit lawang cottage for overnight.rest of the day free to explore the resort and enjoy the natural atmosphere at the gunung leusure national park at the night free program.

Day 3 : Orang Utan Tour

after breakfast, walking to the jungle to see the orang utan by crossing the river with traditional canoe ang tracking to their feeding site to see the orang utan on their feeding time. after feeding time, return back to hotel or optional jungle track for two hours (extra charge for clients who decide for jungle tracking) at the night free program.

Day 4 : Bukit Lawang Berastagi

breakfast at hotel. drive to berastagi karo high land on the way stop at crocodile farm continue tovisit batak karo traditional village at peceran, and fruit and flower market next visit gundaling hill to see two active volcano such as sibayak and sinabung. afternoo check-in hotel. at the night free program.

Day 5 : Berastagi Lake Toba Samosir

after break fast, drive to parapat enroute stop at sipiso-piso waterfall with 120 m from the north side of lake toba. then proceed to pematang purba to see the palace of king purba at the ancient time. enjoy the short break at simarjarunjung hill the high point of lake toba for viewing lake toba panorama to taste ginger tea with fried banana (own acount). proceed to parapat and upon arrival at parapat,cross the lake to samosir by ferry boat. check-in hotel. at the night free program.

Day 6 : Samosir Tour

after break fast, observe the samosir island by ferry boat, enroute visit ambarita to see an old village of batak with ancient megalithic furniture. then drive to simanindo to see folk dance performance of batak people, children learning in school and other activities of batak. before returning to your hotel visit tomok to see the grave complexc of king sidabutar in the afternoon enjoy your time to walk around tuk-tuk or swim in the clearly of lake toba.

Day 7 : Samosir Sipirok

after breakfast, crossing back to parapat and arrival at parapat, drive to sipirok, on the way stop at pineapple, clove, and coffee plantation and visiting traditional market at balige sigur – gur and sipoholon hot springs. before arrival at sipirok, enjoy the nature by walking at the bank of sarulla river, the rice terrace and arrival at sipirok, check-in to hotel.

Day 8 : Sipirok Bukittinggi

leave sipirok for bukittinggi by passing tropical rain forest of rimba panti and stop will be made to see the attraction of monkey picking up the coconut. visit pepper, vanilla, cardamon and cinnamon garden, crossing the equator line at bonjol, afternoon arrival at bukittinggi the charming towns of minangkabau, directly check-in to hotel.

Day 9 : Minangkabau Tour

after breakfast, drive to batu sangkar via tabek patah, on the way stop at rao-rao to visit traditional minangkabau village and see traditional coffee milling, arrival at batu sangkar drive to pagaruyung to visit the palace of minangkabau kingdom, afternoon return to bukittinggi via padang panjang and visit pandai sikat village to see minangkabau traditional hand weaving and wood carving.

Day 10 : Bukittinggi Maninjau

after breakfast, city tour by visiting sianok canyon with its japanese tunnel, fort de kock, museum and jam gadang (big ben) the landmark of bukittinggi and market, then drive to maninjau, on the way visiting koto gadang village to see traditional silver work and passing the funtastic 44 hairpin curve road, arrival at maninjau check-in to hotel.

Day 11 : Maninjau Tour

today is your free time to swim on lake maninjau, walking or cycling around the lake.

Day 12 : Maninjau Padang

after breakfast, drive to padang via pariaman with stop at artha beach and arrival at padang, visit muara beach and then check-in to hotel.

Day 13 : Hotel – Airport

after breakfast, free at own leisure till transfer to airport.

Sumatra Overland Tour – Aceh

The westernmost province of Indonesia which became world-famous overnight after the 2004 boxing-day tsunami. It is the country’s most socially and religiously conservative province, and the only one to practice Islamic Sharia laws. SCUBA dive and snorkel on the island Pulau Weh in the north and Singkil on the south, relax for two or three days on the shore of tranquil Lake Laut Tawar in Takengon (Gayo Highlands) and do a trekking trip the wild jungles on the hills of Gunung Leuser National Park through Ketambe and Kutacane.

Sumatra Overland Tour – North Sumatra

North Sumatra
A dynamic province where sizable shares of Christian and Muslim populations living together in peace for centuries. Pay a visit to orangutan sanctuary in Bukit Lawang, stop at Maimun Palace in Medan, Sumatra’s largest city, watch the majestic Sipiso-Piso waterfall in Berastagi, circle the Lake Toba while making a stop at Tele to watch the sunrise above the lake, and meet semi-primitive tribesmen of Nias.

Sumatra Overland Tour – West Sumatra

West Sumatra
The land of Minangkabau people, very famous for their spicy cuisines. Here you can visit the historical city of Bukittinggi, amazed by magnificent scenery along Harau Valley and architectural marvels of Kelok Sembilan, relax on the shore of Lake Maninjau or cycling on the side of Lake Singkarak, surf through insanely strong waves on Mentawai, stroll around the exotic coal city of Sawahlunto as well as a visit to Pagaruyung Palace of Batusangkar.

13D12N Sumatra Overland Tour

Different from the rest of Sumatra that are commonly mountainous, this province is relatively flat. The overflowing oil brings in the wealth and prosperity to the whole province. Visit the largest remains of Srivijaya Empire, Muara Takus, of Kampar, visit the beautiful white-marble palace of Siak Sri Indrapura, and do a trekking trip to Tesso Nilo national park, famous of its Sumatran elephant populations.
Riau Islands
Parts of Riau separated from the mainland Sumatra is recognized as a distinct province. Watch the sunset over Barelang Bridge of Batam, enjoy Chinese cuisine at Tanjungpinang, visit the remains of old sultanate in Penyengat Island, while you can also take extra miles to visit the pristine water of Natuna and Anambas where you can tell all of your friends “I was there before it was discovered.”.

13D12N Sumatra Overland Tour

The centrally located province of Sumatra is practically unheard as a tourist destination. But do not overlook this sparsely populated province. Here you can hike to the top of Sumatra’s highest peak, Mount Kerinci, while paying a visit to Kerinci-Seblat National Park, the last home of Sumatran tigers. Near the capital, lies Muaro Jambi, the largest temple compound in Sumatra, where it is easy to spend the whole day.
South Sumatra
The bustling and prosperous province with strong blend of Melayu culture. This province was once the central seat for the mighty Srivijayan Empire. Visit Palembang, Sumatra’s second largest city, to take the picture of Jembatan Ampera at night while enjoying unique local cuisine, continue to pleasant highlands of Pagaralam and Lahat, mountainous highlands dotted with valleys and waterfalls.

13D12N Sumatra Overland Tour

Bangka Belitung
Separated from the Sumatra mainland, this province is very famous for the granite beaches. Swim in shallow water of amazing Tanjung Tinggi and Pantai Parai, snorkel across Tanjung Kelayang, sip a coconut, visit the old lighthouse of Lengkuas Island. For culture freaks, Manggar offers you a niche attractions of Laskar Pelangi, a widely celebrated Indonesian novel which has been translated into twenty-six languages.
The province is isolated by Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park mountain range. It offers numerous historical attractions. Visit the Fort Marlborough, British Empire’s second greatest fortress in Asia, and exile house of Soekarno, Indonesia’s first president. You can also visit Bukit Kaba on the east or just cross to Enggano Island, an unspoiled island in Indian Ocean with beautiful beaches.
As the southernmost province of Sumatra, people enters Sumatra from Java through this province. Plan a trekking trip to Way Kambas National Park, the home of Sumatran elephants and rhinos, head to the west where you can find unspoiled beaches of Krui. On the south, the Kiluan Bay offers you dolphin sightseeing trip as well as hike the famous Mount Krakatau on Sunda Strait.

Travel Agent Sumatra

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Medan Tour Package

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